I wish I could tell you how I spent my last 12 hours in the city revisiting favorite haunts, or dining at my most beloved neighborhood hole in the walls. Unfortunately, I’ve just been buzzing around since waking up prematurely early today, anxious about the packing yet to be done and finally realizing that I am leaving. Not just going on a vacation, but packing like I will never be back in my cozy little studio, which turns out to be the case, since I have no idea how long this move back home will be. Still, in between all the shuttling between the local UPS, Jeremiah’s house and constant trips up and down my building carrying emptied boxes and heavy white rubbish bags, I managed to do a little eating with mum. I introduced her to Fage yogurt, which I was obsessed about one point in my life about 2 years ago, creamy and tart when paired with dried fruit. Then, when tempers started flaring about the lack of progress with packing, we calmed down with cups of decent coffee and buttery croissants at Taralluci e Vino. And finally after all the errands were completed, a slice of New York pizza pie at Vinny Vincenz, where the crust is crisp and tomato sauce bright and sweet.

Still, there are blog posts still to be written, like my long overdue report on Le Bernardin, a tasting at Blue Hill and my foray into vegetarian dining with mummy. But that will have to wait until I am safely, comfortably ensconced in my room in Singapore.

Until then, a list of my favorite things:

1. Pizza Bianca at Sullivan Street Bakery

2. Shiotama at Ramen Setagaya

3. My daily oatmeal with everything at ‘wichcraft

4. Peace passage oyster sushi at Sushi Yasuda

5. Artic Circle at Aquavit

6. Hiyashi Chuka at Menchanko Tei

7. Chocolate Edamame and other random titbits at Trader Joes

8. Long walks home to pay penance after particularly rich meals

9. My studio and the courtyard just right for summer dinner parties

10. Friends who shared many many many meals